Founded in 2017 by a few friends from Austin, The Other 23 focuses on introducing current military and veterans to the incredible benefits of surfing and the camaraderie that come with being included in the surfing community.

Being landlocked in Austin, Texas isn’t so bad when you have the incredible teams from Nautique and Malibu providing us with truly epic waves for wakesurfing on lakes Austin and Travis. For the more aggressive waves, we have two Surf Parks between Austin and Waco for our participants to enjoy “ocean” waves!

Our volunteer staff introduce current military and veterans to the benefits of surf therapy through wake surfing. Which can be instrumental in healing from PTS, TBI, depression, or a variety of physical injuries or perceived limitations. Started out of a passion for surfing and a desire to give back to our veterans who have personally given so much throughout their years of service, we’ve created The Other 23 (TO.23).

We host single day surfing events that allow TO.23 to bring the community together, to spread the stoke of surfing and help people understand our focus, which is beyond the one hour wake surfing or the one hour ocean surfing. It is ”the other 23” hours of the day where the participants are able to bond, tell stories, build trust and build a support system of other individuals who are ready to help make positive change happen, no matter where you’re at in life.

A few times per year, we have the opportunity to host 15-20 veterans, plus support staff, at one of our epic Surf Camps. Participants get to spend 4 days in a lake house, wakesurfing, jetsurfing, foiling, paddleboarding, and catching waves at a local surf park. Each event is hosted by professional coaches and surfers and paid for by our generous donors at TO.23. These camps may last only a few days, but the bonds will last a lifetime.

The team at TO.23 has recognized a need for an honest approach to creating communities among Texas veterans and will stay true to that calling, only expanding our impact as our partnerships grow.


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None of what we do is about us; it is only about the veterans we aim to serve.

Whether you are are a veteran interested in one of our events … you’ve heard about us and want to volunteer … you’re compelled to make a monetary contribution to our work … or you simply want to say hey and introduce yourself … we are here to listen.

People come into our lives for a variety of reasons; we’re thankful you found us.


Seen a video of us? Heard about one of our fundraisers around Austin? However you found us, welcome!

We’d love to hear about how you would like to support one of our events. Making surfing camps run smoothly takes a lot of equipment and a lot of man hours… more than we can do on our own, so having friendly folks who want to be involved is pivotal to creating a successful event.

We invite you to contact us through the form below.. So that we can connect you with the right team, please let us know exactly how you would like to be involved with our events. (volunteer time, donate equipment, financial donations, event schedule, sponsor an event.)

Have a boat to surf behind? make a mean burger to feed the troops? or maybe you’d like to bring some music to an event?

Let us know! We’d love to meet you!

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